Sunday, January 2, 2011

FCC Goes After Ham Bootlegger,Overpowered CBers

FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith continues to chase alleged rulebreakers in both the amateur and CB services. In one rather bizzare case,she charges that a Matthew J. Lapham is illegally operating on the ham bands as KC5LRU, which licensed to Matthew A. Lapham of Baker, Louisiana. The real KC5LRU, Smith says, is currently serving in the U.S AirForce in Iraq. No word on whether the two Matthew Laphams are related.
Also in early May, Smith cited seven CBers for allegedly using excessive power and, as a result, causing interference either to neighbours, home electronics, other CBers or, in one case, the 10 and 12 meter ham bands. While these letters are made public, responses from individuals cited generally are not.