Saturday, March 27, 2010

Support Earth Hour

Hello friend ,show your support on Earth Hour, put out your light for 60 minute from 08.30 pm until 09.30 pm, Let's show to world, save the world today for better future!!

Selamat Menyambut Hari Polis Ke 203

Selamat Menyambut Ulangtahun Hari Polis Ke 203. Khas buat rakan rakan Radio Amatur yang berkhidmat di dalam PDRM. Berkhidmat Demi Negara, Tegas , Adil dan Berhemah.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Motorola Saber Rapid Charger

Hi all readers, today i got one to ask for, anyone who had or want to sold an old Motorola Saber Single Rapid Charger, can contact me via, email: malconeast@yahoo.com. Thanks all, 73

Fixing the Yaesu FT-60

Remove belt-clip and battery
Remove the 4 screws (2 silver and 2 black) in the battery compartment.

Remove antenna and pull off the knobs,With tweezers or needle nose pliers, carefully remove the rubber gaskets around the knob shafts.
Unscrew the two split nuts from the knob shafts.Take out the rubber plug for the mic and DC sockets and swivel it around 90 degrees.
Carefully remove the body of the radio from the front panel. Ease it out from the bottom first making sure you don’t damage the rubber waterproof seal that goes all around it. Separate the LCD section from the front section.

Well, we meet again , but this time a short story how to fix the tiny SMD parts on Yaesu FT-60. This parts usually hard to find, but lucky to me, finally i got a chance to Indonesia, Jakarta, Pasar glodok, famous site to find all Ham equipment and parts, maybe 2 times bigger the Jalan Pasar, i guess. Well, i'd rush for the all item that i keep for years and luckly i got it, but some of it are obsolete or they don't have stock on that item. This Yaesu FT-60 have a problem , won't powered up, and the metal heat sink on back panel will gone warmer and warmer. After doing some visual inspection and do some voltage reading on certain point, i guess something going wrong with this tiny parts RF MOSFET part no: RD07MVS1 from Mitsubishi. This tiny thing had to put out using some hot air soldering tool, but beware not to fry the board or missed the small chips around the tiny MOSFET. After that resolder the parts using ordinary solder iron, that will do. For the last part, aseembled the radio and, powered it up and ....voila, it's done. Tx will do on 5 watts , check on with Motorola Spectrum analyzer.That's all for now, c u again in next posting, 73's

Restoration Project

Hello all Ham's Friend, 2 weeks ago, tried to restored this huge DC Power Supply, and walla, it.s finally fired up with success, without nothing burn parts and smoke,hehehehehe....., only the variable resistor for coarse current not functioning, due to damage or the carbon track worn out.Well maybe this huge one will be use for fired up my RF Power Amplifier, KL 500 from RM Italy, of course this old casing DC Power Supply would fit enough to my next DC Power Supply project, probably 13.8V and 30Amps for portable one. That's all folks, c u again for next posting, 73.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back On 10mtr Again.......!!!!

Hi to all bloggers especially for whom that really work hard on 10mtr and also 11mtr as well.Now i'm back again , but this time will fire up this old stuff , the Icom M600 Transceiver, although it is not good enough to compared to Yaesu FT 897D or Icom IC 706Mk IIG, but it work well for 10mtr and also for 11mtr too. That very interesting to working with this transceiver, plus with using an antenna tuner MFJ 949E, also with the help of Allan CB Vertical Antenna covering 26.5Mhz to 29.9Mhz, that wouldn't let you down . Hope to work again on 10mtr , but this time , try to make contact for local station, see you soon , 73 chow-chow.....

p/s : my M 600 Transceiver