Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sirio SY27-3

At last my dream antenna come true, just take time shipping via TNT courier, take less then a week . The antenna arrived at my front door. Hope can retune a little bit to suit on 10mtr band. Only this week in the end of the month of October , the weather is not so good because of a monsoon climate , bringing over a raining season ....the antenna will sit at my shack for more then a month before going up for action....hehehehehe.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing...Linear Amplifier from CTE. I really don't have much information regarding the input power nor the output power this Linear can gave and how much the current consumption will this amplifier could run. anyone here know about it, and to share the schematic and also provide me a service manual or user manual of this item, you all can sent to me the information, via my blog. The model of this Linear are, CTE Mod 797. Try to search on web, but no luck for me. Anyway can anyone double check this schematic of this Linear that attached here. Is it the same one for this Linear Amplifier? Can anyone check it out and gave some useful info's here. Thanks.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Icom Final RF Package SC-1091

Any information, where to find/purchase the RF Final Package for my Icom IC-2100.
I tried change it , hope it would work when using the Final Package from Icom IC-2200, SAV-36, but sadly, it's not functioning. well, that Icom IC-2100, would now sit on the shelf , waiting for suitable parts, SC-1091. tried look at RF Parts, but there are no more of it, maybe discontinued.