Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Customs Law vs MCMC Law vs Sirim Law

I'm tired to tell this story about 3 stooges in Malaysia Goverment or semi-govt agencies.The keep telling you about this law and this law and again this law about how to apply the AP for Radio Communication Item. I don't know which one to refer to. Sirim , told me that all application about two way radio communication for Amateur use, must comply with your Apparatus Assignment ...Ok, but then , when you apply, they need you to provide the brochure of item you want to apply with, then came out , that your item must comply to work within range 144-148Mhz, that a small bandwitdth within 136-174 Mhz bandwidth, now , you all tell me where do i find the radio work just only on small bandwidth 144-148?? Even for all kind of two way radios stated VHF 136-174. then they say that radio are not comply with MCMC law. This Customs also made a trouble with,simply they also have all categorized item in their list. We don't know either this Two way radio equipment is in what category and in which list stated and which are the right way to buy/import this item, so it really make an headache to apply this AP. So much rule that we as Amateur Radio must follow and they even bother to make a right guideline to us for the right way to buy and import this Two way radio as written in their law. Every day new Radio model were introduced, but the MCMC list stated an obselete item still in their list. Why?? Is this their fault or Amateur user fault or is it the society fault or what?? When will they listen and try to find a solution on this matter, regarding the right way to apply AP, the right guideline to buy from oversea and the right way to apply for Special Approval / e-permit. Always heard some Amateur Radio club do a talk with MCMC and also the Sirim, but , where are the result?? Why until now , they don't have any final solution regarding for AP application, nor the written guideline , how to make an application?? MCMC also nothing... The new guideline for 2013 , looked at it like copy and paste ....more like it, which nothing new, compare with guideline from the previous copy. Still hope, when this matter will be highlighted and the action being taken.
More and more qsl card arrived, and now, all my qsl card none have left, now the second batch on the way,be patience......73 all..de 9W2MZY